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Year Y

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Year Y
de System Administrator - viernes, 26 de junio de 2015, 00:10
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During year Y, marketing related launches used to take into account the six senses. It was even funny to notice the behavior of a participant to these “comprehensive perception events”. It was absolutely unnecessary – and almost impossible – to be physically present at a geographic place where that thing started, even for the most strategic potential consumers.

A launch during year Y was the utmost experience for the consumer. All the participants used to receive a stimulus for their participation which consisted in different kind of “gifts”. The perception of the value of the “gift” was compatible to the assigned position given to the consumer in the pyramid model of unsatisfied human needs (“Maslow Pyramid”).

To mention the word “pyramid” was symbolic in year Y  marketing . The distribution of the consumer’s needs looked much more as a flat thing with little peaks. These irregularities in the plain pointed to leaders and opinion communities, whose “exceptionally gifted behaviors” needed to be controlled in both ways, either encouraging them or erasing them. Both actions had a lot of accumulated wisdom, secured  in the same paradigms which, in their time, have materialized the European Renaissance and the first industrial revolution.

On January first at 0:00 hours, Year Y determined it start by the  most important announcement given by the MAM Conglomerate  since the first industrial revolution, the “PLANETARY SYNAPSE”. It was promoted as the new reality, able to offer better quality of life and more inclusion to any citizen as ever seen before.

The identities of the members of the conglomerate were a mystery. It was only known that among it’s executives were the greatest entertainment providers from the market and the biotechnological business with more registered trademarks. In this event, humanity would have the chance to know a face from this organization, someone which mystic was part of the popular culture, Mr. Brain.

The events beginning was like a consciousness “curfew”.

Mr. Brain was ready to get started. “Now you will know my legacy”, he thought.

All the computer mechanisms so called “yoes” were activated in the cloud and the event got started.

Among the assistants, an unexpected protagonist was shaking because of the stress and thought: “I wish we were all together now”.

It was the exact moment when version 2 of the humanity was created.