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de System Administrator - viernes, 14 de febrero de 2014, 15:05
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The efforts of the knowledge “New Warriors” have been hidden systematically in billions of publications. There is such information saturation that the essential has been unnoticed.

Despite the fact that the digital and knowledge society shows itself as an anarchic set, also available to everyone, the secrets of its real power are not evident. The most powerful nature strength was unleashed when KW Foundation started to introduce projects about the access democratization and information treatment in order to improve the logic of informatics applications.  This is not necessarily positive or negative, it simply is, and in the facts it builds or destroys with the same simplicity.

The characters of this book are real; most likely, some of them are very close to you. Breaking off the generation gap caused by the digital society is only a task for braves who are willing to defend the basic values of the sustainable coexistence.

What happens when the ones who are looking for this balance are the four members of a family ?

“Kill the messenger”, destroy the credibility of transparency and copy ideas, are daily practices of first line figures in order to obtain economic benefits, short term political credits or rise in the Masonic “brotherhood”.

They are all here to fight with or against “The New Warriors”.

The set is real and floods all your senses, here and now.

Which side will you join ?