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On the path to the Planetary Synapse | New Warriors in the Digital Society 


Try to change or create a paradigm:

You will meet your real enemies.

You will discover the most powerful strength from nature. 


We introduce the real history of KW Foundation.

The events narrated  in this book will not be unaware to anybody, from themost left  in the dustindigent, to the utmost extreme and powerful millionaire from the ecosystem in it’s  type  1  humanity version.  We are all main characters of a game , either active or passively, in which the variables had stopped to change. “More of the same”, until the year Y.

Very few expected the action of an unknown Spanish speaking third world family, whose members did not highlight because of their high intellectual level, bank account statement, political background, mystic “secret” nor “revelation”.

To erase from their own minds the perception that an individual has his or her real potential prominence in the construction of the digital society and, therefore, it’s sustainable future for humanity, is a job meant to be only for Cyclops.

Imagine politicians and governments, sectarians and sects, professionals and universities, managers and corporations, religious people and religions, consultant technicians and consultant businesses, all beating up at the same point in time and  space. Imagine the amount of strength that must be opposed to them in order that all what is done and believed by the enormous majority of human beings have still some sense.

The family behind KW Foundation is the main role of a vision which made them the target of non common ethical and economical threats. However, it has given them two unexpected benefits: knowledge for the correspondent  action  and strength to speak about it.

Reading The New Warriors in the Digital Society will not be dull for you. It has new challenging and even awkward tastes, according to the palate.

Dare to navigate the KW Project is to understand why the universal life equation witnesses, in first place, the ideas.

Some of the names of the current roles have been changed. When you have proofs, accepting this protection has been and still is, one of the greatest contradictions with the spirit of KW Foundation. We would like this not to be this way.

In order to look for the meaning of any word, event or chronic of events which have inspired this novel, please use the links of the words in italics and underlined ones  (digital version), or enjoy the complete educational glossary available for free in the site http://thenewwarriors.org. If you sign in, you will also be able to transform this experience in an interactive one. It would be an honor to be able to exchange opinions with you in each chapter or parts of the glossary.