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Gustavo Tejera

 Gustavo Tejera


Biomedic software developer  since 1986.

In 2003 he and his family founded KW Foundation. KW Foundation’s vision is that any user may transform his or her experience in reusable knowledge components in order to improve the intelligence of software applications, without the need of knowing programming. 

The KW Project platform produced many success stories due to its practical implementation and its open and collaborative concept, and generated an unprecedented reaction in all the main figures from the digital society. 

During the years, KW Foundation’s participation in international conferences about the democratization in the access and treatment of biomedical knowledge, has allowed it to prove how the applications’ users get involved and take responsibility with its success by being full leaders in the design of the processes for any area, either traditional, scientific or industrial.

International standards and the state of art related to interoperability technological support, show that it is possible to build real changes in the structure of society and thoughts.

No intermediary should define the destiny of any people, families, communities, regions or States, except for themselves.

Gustavo Tejera with this novel suggests that it is possible to send a clear message to technological corporations about where should the development of the digital society go in order to give life to version 2 of humanity.